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I am new to mystery shopping and accepted my first assignment with Bare International on Feb. 2nd. The assignment involved a scheduled visit to a local testing center, today. I initially emailed requesting an early afternoon test time and received a response that the time would be assigned within 48 hours. I have since emailed twice asking for the assigned time with no response. Since it is now 11am on the day of the assignment, I guess I am not doing it. Everything I have read speaks to the responsibility of the shopper to be professional and reliable. I think that should apply to the company as well.

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Unless there has been a change to the program, the shopper actually schedules their own visit on the client website. After being accepted for the shop, the shopper fills out something on Bare's website and has to wait for the credentials to get into the client website so the due date on your shop log is often not the actual due date of the shop. Once you have scheduled your test Bare will change the due date to reflect your visit date.

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I think Bare employees observer regular hours and the schedulers are not generally available on weekends or holidays, so you may not hear anything until tomorrow. It's been awhile since I did their testing facility shop, but yes, I remember that I had to wait to do the shop a week or so later than the original assignment date.
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