Canadian Market Force Jobs?

I have not seen any jobs posted in Canada for over a month. Is it just me or are others seeing postings?

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Hmmmmm. I am NOT a Canadian shopper, but, using the search function, I am seeing a lot of jobs in Canada. I didn't spend a lot of time with it, but I'm seeing jobs in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, Victoria, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. I figured those were good examples to check.
I am a Canadian and I do a lot of shops for MFI and CFA regularly. Actually, the bulk of shops I do are for MSCs based in USA. Where do you live? I have not observed any lack of opportunities in Toronto and GTA lately. And I am normally very picky.
None where I live and really not that many in Edmonton either.

At least I found who does the one gas station they used to have for this area.

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I always did the fast food chain and gas stations in the Windsor, ON area and did not see any for the month of Feb.
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