Maritz and KSS

First off, I wanted to thank you all. I negotiated my first big bonus because of what I've read here! Woo! Second, I did a shop for Maritz through KSS and it's not in my completed shops on Maritz. It's the first time I didn't do it directly through Maritz. Is that normal?

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Where did you report the shop? I suspect that you reported it on the Maritz platform, and therefore that is where everything appears. It is a rare shop which gets reported on the KSS Sassie platform. Did you submit the required invoice on the Maritz platform? If you reported it there, an invoice is required. KSS is only the scheduler, not the MSC in this (and most) cases,

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Right. I submitted everything on Maritz and told KSS when I did the shop. It still shows on KSS, but nothing about it shows up on Maritz. It's fine if that's how it normally works. I just haven't done it that way before and was a bit confused.
How far did you have to drive, I see some great opportunities only to get bummed out their a 260 mile round trip and I can't find other shops to make this route happen. I want to help them badly, any ideas for a bank shop? The bonus was incredible, can't say because it was really large!
Mine was a half hour away. That was not the bonus I negotiated, though. I love the bank shops too! A lot of the bonus shops are out where there probably aren't many shoppers and therefore not much else around.
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