New Image Marketing payments?

They were due today, but haven't gotten it yet. Anyone gotten their payments? I've only been with them a few months, and they have always been on time, but a big payment is due and I'm a little freaked out.

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I always get paid with a check dated the first day of the month. It then has to make its way through the mail to me. Your comment made me look to see if there are any other options, and I saw that there is now a PayPal option available, so I switched. Their login page says that PayPal payments are processed on the first day of the month, and knowing how PayPal operates, I would expect a slight delay before the payment is posted there and the money is available. Basically, PayPal makes sure that they have their money before they let you have your money.

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Yeah, but they usually have the paypal payment to me before 5pm on n the 1st, and paypal has it in my bank the next day, which allows me to start my y route then. This is the first time it's been late.
When starting, it is important to invest in your business, establish and maintain an operating budget/fund. Do not deplete your budget or depend on reimbursements to move forward with. There are many reasons for payment delays, especially with third parties being involved. NIM should have your payment too you in a timely manner. You did verify the assignment(s) were all approved and payment was authorized?

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This would be awesome in theory...... but the reality of life is that **some** of us live paycheck to paycheck......

I'm not due a payment from them this month but have been paid on time for every other assignment I've done for them. I'd give it a day or two and then email.

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I was paid like a clock on the first through PayPal. Unless the banks are closed, I have always gotten my funds from PayPal the next day. I personally prefer PayPal rather than a personal check because while I have mobile banking, I have to wait 24-72 hrs before I get access (items already made and ACH are good). This is all my opinion and I hope it eases some worry. I have done the routes with NIM and in the middle of a whopper now. If you have any issues with anything, email Dawn Hunt. She is excellent at answering and forwarding emails! I almost always get an immediate response.
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