Scheduler gave me someone else's bad mark!

I took over a year off from mystery shopping because I was burnt out, pregnant and miserable. Anyway, I usually ignore the information box at the top of the Sassie platform, but earlier this evening I was looking for my pending applications and came across a grey box. Apparently I was labeled a flake back in 2014 for a stake shop in San Jose, CA. 1) I never do restaurant shops and 2) I never accept shops across the bridge because a $5 toll fee and driving 50 miles away is not in my radar and not worth the cost in gas.
I emailed a random scheduler for intelli-shop asking how I report such a mistake. I may not get an answer for a while.

Anyone know who I can talk to to fix this? I wish I saw this 1-1/2 years ago, but if it wasn't in an e-mail, then I never saw it!

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I think this is a case of "you snooze, you lose." To dispute a grade or citation from 1 1/2 years ago is pushing it. That scheduler/editor might not even work for the MSC anymore.
It seems more likely that it did somehow get assigned to you. It would be hard to make the case that you are sure you never applied for it that long ago even though you have plausible reasons why you would not have....but maybe you had planned on being in that area for other reasons and looked at the shop. Maybe somehow you accidentally requested the shop.

I had a shop that was was a pizza happened to be that I planned on never doing another pizza shop after that one because I couldn't even give the pizza away i didn't log back on as the MSC did not have any other shops I was interested in...after all--every other company always sent an email if there was a problem....some time later...after some clients dropped off...i started looking at other MSCs again to fill the gap...and found the note that the shop had been denied...I know I carefully did it correctly...but there was nothing I could do about it at that point....

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I, too, have a flake citation for a shop I did not apply for and have no idea how it was assigned to me. The location was 300 miles away. I did NOT accidently assign it to myself!
I've had shops assigned to me without my knowledge simply by asking a question about a shop. It might have been something like: "Does the shop need to be done during daylight hours?" and next thing I know I have a past due notice for a shop I never requested.

I have asked a scheduler for info about a retail shop, and gotten a response about a movie theater shop. Its possible you communicated with the scheduler about another shop and that triggered the steak shop being assigned to you...of course that is not your fault...but it could have happened.
It's funny because you said a scheduler GAME you someone else's bad mark. Are you sure?

"Never believe anything you read on the internet"- Abraham Lincoln
There was no accident there. The shop doesn't even show up on my shop history. I would have had to confirm the shop since it was a sassie platform shop, so it is more than a miscommunication.
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