Are Troy Dolan and Electrum Branding still in business.

I did a shop for Elecrtrum about a month ago and now have seen that shop on another MSC site. I have never seen anything in my area for Troy Dolan. Are they still in business or should I just delete them rather than looking at them daily?

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Yes, Electrum is still in business. I haven't checked Troy Dolan since last year. What MSC site did you see the Electrum shop on? Do not mention the client.
Is that the name of the client? If so, you need to edit the post whether they are still with this MSC or not.

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I haven't seen anything for Troy Dolan in over a year. I even randomly check for shops outside of my area and nothing comes up.

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Does anyone know if they are out of business. They were formerly known as CIMA Insight.

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Troy Dolan is still in business but uses a third party to post jobs and receive evaluations.

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