anyone else having trouble with the bare website?

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Wow, I just saw your post. Yes, there must have been a problem yesterday afternoon because I had a problem too. I tried to submit my report right around 3:30pm yesterday (east coast)-apparently the same time as you-and I got a Warning, Error! After trying a few times and getting the same result I kept my laptop open but just walked away for a few hours. When I logged back in 3 hours later, my report was still there, luckily, and I only lost the last sentence or two. Sorry to hear you lost your whole report but I think it was definitely an issue with the Bare website.

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Someone here on the forum recommended a form program that I have now used many times, and not just for shop reports. This thing is delightful. What was that thing called? Hold on! (lol) ... well, it's a Firefox/SeaMonkey add-on: Form History Control so if you use Firefox, this thing is nifty, and it saves the commentary and is easy to use. It was highly recommended to me here and now I'm highly recommending it!
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