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I did a shop for this company in mid December 2015 and did not paid until 4/2/16. Despite several calls to enquire about my pay. I have since unsubscribed to this company.

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There are a lot of threads about that company. Don't laugh, but my quick calculations actually tells me you were paid a couple of weeks earlier than others.

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We may not like the way they drag out payments, but they are very clear on their payment schedule. Five months is the norm.

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They're ridiculously slow! I'm glad I read before I assign more shops with them. What about their feedback/rating? When do they usually get back to submitted shops?
I did 2 shops for them in January. The feedback took a few days. The pay? Well, I'm still waiting. Don't think I'll get paid until May.
I did shops for them last May and June and still have not received a dime. I will not do any more shops for them until the issue is resolved. The feedback from my emails have not been very forthcoming.

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For the most part, I was paid on time, 90 days. It just takes being aware of the time line and, admittedly, a simple email or phone reminder to the employee who does the payments. She's very friendly and approachable. Don't forget to submit your invoice as required, too.
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