Sentry-surprise bonus

The amount I was paid just wasn't adding up, so I looked up what I was paid for and it included a bonus which I wasn't aware of! It was one that had sat for awhile, but when the scheduler asked me to do it, didn't mention anything about a bonus. I hadn't applied for it because I had just done that location fairly recently.....

makes up for the NUMEROUS times the 'editors' send back a report for a non existent error....and then they still tell you thanks, but next time don't make that error...which you hadn't made in the 1st place, but the editor said you did....

for example, the form with have an example of:
John, stocking toothpaste aisle 3, said, "Hello."

I just change the data and write
Jane, stocking baby items aisle 2, said, "Hi."

and it comes back telling me to rewrite it following the example.....but the only way I can follow it even more is to lie and say it was the fake John in the example!

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