How do I get a scheduler from KSS to respond?

I have been trying to contact a certain scheduler at KSS. I have left a voice mail message and I have sent two emails, but she seems to be putting me on ignore.

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Email the scheduler, and wait for a reply - once, twice, three times? Days pass, the date looms. After that, emailing KSSLorri is fruitless. My schedule has changed, and my patience has worn thin.
@Jay C wrote:


She always answers.

On a separate issue, I've tried emailing Lorri regarding a shop I cancelled days in advance. I emailed the scheduler twice and left a voice mail message with no response. The shop was never cancelled and I received an email reminding me of the shop I cancelled days before. I emailed Lorri so I would not get cited and I never heard a word from Lorri or the scheduler.
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