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For their main client, we have given the gas station credit for current POP because the MSC has told us the client wants it like this. That was supposed to be until the end of March, and the POP guidelines say in April there will be new POP guidelines. Am I just missing these new guidelines? Or are we just supposed to give the stations credit again? (If I click my job information it says the same thing it has for March, so I figure I will just do the same). It's the first time I am doing one of these this month.

I figure I will get answer here quicker then if I tried to email the MSC.

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Email or call your scheduler. I wonder if the chat person would knowconfused smiley.

grinning smileysmiling smiley at 1:00 AM, I wouldn't respond to anyone eithergrinning smiley
First time I used that live chat with them. Worked well.
If anyone is wondering the same as I was the answer is the stations still get credit this month.
Dear Steri Gas Stations Shoppers, Last month you assigned to the gas stations when they had been bonused to $18 to $25 for shoppers fee. Even though that was by the 25th of April. I, would of signed up to be your back-up shopper. I'm not mad at you cause I know you definitely would not flake" out on the shop.smileys with beer

This month, (MAY) by the 10th, You had signed up for those same shops and the shopper's fee was only $8. This time I definitely won't be your back up shopper.eye popping smiley Don't you realized if you waited, those shops will get increased, It is only the 14th. And there goneangry smiley

Next month is the end of the quarter. Please try to wait until the 15th, and watch how fast the fee increasessmiling bouncing smiley
Don't you want a higher shopper fee and the same "easy" report? Just thought I would throw this out there.
At first I laughed at Sojo's post. Then I went and checked and hoped that wasn't happening here. I check Steri..... and see very similar. I was planning on going heavier then normal with this shop at the end of the month too.

Sojo, you in Upstate NY?
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