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I just signed up with them and there are no jobs in my area. Do you MS for them? Where do you live? Thank you.

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They generally send an email with their shops. Not many, if any, listed on the board.

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

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They will email when they have jobs in your area. They have no job board and only occasion shops on available checks on their site.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Have been signed up with them for awhile (more than a year) and I have only done two shops for them. They contact you if they have something in your area. the two that I have done were easy peasy shops. Oh and, they pay within a couple of weeks via PayPal. None of this waiting two or three months and emails or phone calls back and forth.
They send out emails when they have shops in your area. I received one yesterday. I haven't looked at it yet.

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Ditto what others have said -- they tend to email you. I've found them to be responsive. I had an early glitch with them that was fixed and everything has been smooth sense.
They don't have a job board. Many of their shops seem to be in Metro areas and some airports. If you're living in a rural area you may get less work from them.
These guys are great to work with. Responsive, fairly priced shops and pay on time. You won't regret working for them.
I try to work in ACL hotel shops when I trave A free room and points, that works.l.

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I've done one. I had a small issue about a missed requirement but the scheduler worked with me to make sure I got paid. It was a lot of work. They email me about shops. The latest shop was for sushi lunch and i had to turn it down cause I hate sushi.
I was expecting them to have smartphone shops in May but they never sent out an e-mail for them. I hope that they didn't lose the client. A friend signed up for them and received the notification to take the smartphone test. He said the questions are not based on the recent smartphone from the brand.
In my area, I find the jobs appear in batches. There may be a dozen or so in my area one month, all different types of shops, then I don't see any again for two or three months.

I find them great to work with, but some of the fees are low for the amount of work involved. But they pay fast and if you do a good job on the report, they're sure to e-mail you and thank you! Not that that pays the bills, but it's nice to get a personal "great job" e-mail once in a while, not just a comment in a box!

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