RED BRICK SCHEDULING: Your valued feedback please....

Received an email form them and am asking for your valued feedback before divulging my personal information to them.

Many Thanks

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There is a possibly that they already have your "personal" information. The owner of RBS is a scheduler for another MSC.smiling smiley Not that the two MSCs would share information but how else do you think RBS received your email address. It may have been courtesy for a Shopper who shops for one MSC, may want to shop for anotherconfused smiley
I've done one extended assignment for them and was very happy with the way it went. I was paid within a reasonable time by the company who had contracted with them.

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Christy Greene owns Red Brick Scheduling and she is top notch to work with!

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Not scheduling for ANY company.
When you fill out profiles, particularly on some job posting sites, there will be a question asking for permission to share your information, and you may have selected this. Some ICA agreements may also include this permission. A third option might be that some schedulers work for multiple companies.
They have never sent me a job within 100 miles, and my radius is 30 miles. I am registered, but they don't have much here. Sorry I don't have more.

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