Stericycle/ CORI

What happened to them? I mean, ever since they changed names, they don't have the old companies anymore. I used to do routes with them with several shops in my small town. Now, nothing. At least, not for 100 miles and still the old companies aren't around anymore.
Anyone know why?

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Once CORI was acquired by another company, the new company does not have the same focus on mystery shopping. They continued to provide mystery shopping services as usual to their clients until the contracts ended. Some of their old clients are not shopped any longer. Others have moved to other MSCs. They still have a few clients but not many.
Now they have a limited number of times one can shop the same gas station location during the YEAR.smiling smiley Maybe they are worried that WE will be recognizedconfused smiley. Like We (as customers) can't or won't get gas more than 3 times a year.angry smiley
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