No Pay for Intellishop Pest Control Calls

Did anyone else do the $5 pest control phone shops in May and get asked by the target if you were a mystery shopper because you followed the 'ants/mosquitoes' script? And then report honestly and not get paid because you put in the write-up that they asked if you were a shopper for asking about both ants and mosquitoes? Anyone else contact the company on the shop form about it and not get a response? I didn't HAVE to report this in the write-up - the call was not recorded - but I took the time to do it because thought they would want to know. PAY ME. I did my part, and even a little extra because I liked the company.

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What exactly did you tell Intellishop about being asked if you were a shopper because you asked about both ants and mosquitos? How much detail did you give about the target's question to you? What did you respond to the target when he asked if you were the shopper? Did you tell Intellishop what you responded to the target and what he said to your response?
This exact same thing JUST happened to me. I did email my scheduler and let him know and he asked that I report my results.

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I did not get paid as well. I was just informed by Intellishop that I was identified as a shopper. Not exaclty sure how that is my fault or that I should be penalized for it. I have sent a few emails asking about this to Intellishop, with no response.
I did 2 of those shops and both were a disaster. The first call - when I gave the address, she told me the house was for sale... I told her yes and she told me she couldn't give me the pricing I was asking about. I called the scheduler and he seemed unsure. On the second call, they told me they would have someone call me back... So I sat around and played up the house for sale - I just bought it... So many questions about the ants. I cancelled the 3rd one I'd signed up for.
This is definitely a 10 FOOT POLE shop! I would never do this one..... after reading all the comments here. tongue sticking out smiley
Why is intelli so difficult with their shoppers. I have shopped very few shops for this company, mainly because their pay is so low, 2nd their editors are all over the place, inconsistent and not worthy of my time.

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My first call's sales rep made a snarky comment about mystery shoppers - sooo obvious he knew. He had a sneer in his voice. Someone told me the client delayed in getting the MSC the info, then wanted all the calls to start at once. Oh, and they all had identical scenarios. Networking with other shoppers definitely helps find the backstory on some of the shops we do.

°° Facepalm °°

BOOM - The sales reps were suddenly bombarded on days they didn't normally have high call volume. They knew almost everyone was a shopper. The sales reps should have just done their jobs and played along.

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Doesn't this just beg for a shopper (or a shopper's good friend) to call back as a REAL customer, ask same/similar questions, get treated poorly and be accused of being a mystery shopper, so you can call corporate and complain???
NOT surprised, they are pro at not paying, via my car dealership that was rejected (mentioned it here). I never even heard back after writing 2 emails. So done with them!!

Live consciously....
i got thru these calls but wont take anymore. i did have one tell me my house is for sale, and i told her its not for sale. I'm living in it. then on another call, i had an operator ask me if I was a mystery shopper. i told her no then i asked her if those were real because i bet it would be fun. i decided to call it quits with those calls when an operator refused to quote me mosquito service because i didnt initially ask for it. rude. i made note in my report and suggested the comoany either recruit less callers to call at one time about the same issue OR the pest control company needs to reprimand their operators for being so rude. glad to know I'm not the only one with Issues with those calls!
Wow, this is crazy! I did two of these calls last year and did not have much of a problem, except that I ended up on a call list for the local company and got numerous call-backs the following week. I decided not to pick any up this year as I am tired of call-backs, and I'm sure glad I chose not to do any. This sounds like a nightmare for everyone involved!
The ones I did were easy peasy. One associate was rude but the others went fine. I'd take more happily.
Why in the HELL, if they know they're being shopped, would they not just do their jobs and score well? Dumbasses.
These particular shops were not recorded, but there's something to keep in mind with some of their others and if they do decide to do them as recorded shops.

When you do recorded calls through Vocalzilla, there is no way to hide your caller ID. You can do *67, but it doesn't work on toll-free numbers, which is what Vocalzilla uses. Many businesses pay to have caller ID unblocked. If you don't want callbacks on your own phone, be prepared to use Google Voice, Hushed, Burner, or another VOIP solution. For $5 calls, it's hardly worth using any kind of a paid VOIP service.

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Why not use CAPS as well to shout your anger Tech Savvy?

Why in the HELL, if they know they're being shopped, would they not just do their jobs and score well? Dumbasses.[/quote]
Intellishop was not mystery shopping O***n. They were mystery shopping for a competitor so they could get the company's pricing in different markets. That's why the CSRs were being rude and not playing along - they knew the competition was 'spying' on them. We shoppers weren't told that, so we walked into a trap. You are used as a shill more often than you think. When you think you are doing a legitimate corporate sanctioned mystery shop, the MSC client could very well be their competition, and not the target company - turning you into an unwitting corporate spy. Doesn't seem ethical not to disclose that to us and let us decide.
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