A question about Service Intelligence's reimbursement policy.

I have a mystery shop with Service Intelligence.

They have a reimbursement up to "X" amount, and they want me to buy either Item "A" and/or Item "B".

Do you know if I buy two of Items "B", and the total is still less then the reimbursement amount, will they reimburse for both, or only one? I tried contacting a scheduler, but I did not get any answer.


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I am not sure which shop you are referring to. I do some shops for them that will reimburse "up to a maximum of X" and in my overall purchases there must be an A and usually there is a specified B each time, though not always. As long as there is an A and a B when specified, I am free to spend the rest for C, D and E etc. but will only be reimbursed X if I spend X or more. It is something you need to clarify with them for the specific shops in question. Best way to contact them is through their VOX system.
I can't say for sure, but if you are told buy ONE item A and/or B, they are only going to reimburse for one. If they said you can buy one A and one B, they will reimburse for one of each, but not two of one kind.
Here is how they list it:

You must purchase:

# a XXXXX and/or
# a XXXXX OR a 22 oz drink.

You MUST pay for your items with CASH.

It also says:

*You may purchase a XXXXX or larger drink size, but you will only be reimbursed up to the $5.75 maximum. You may purchase a XXXX or other XXXX item INSTEAD of the XXXX if needed.

On one hand it looks like that you can get a larger size drink, however, being that it uses the word "INSTEAD" later on, I don't know if they will reimburse up to the total if you buy two.
I do one or two a month of this shop. I purchase A and B. For "A" it does not specify which size, so you can get the middle size and for "B" I purchase the 22 oz. drink. A and B gets me fairly close to the max amount. My interpretation is you can not purchase two of either A or B. Needs to be A or B or A & B. Please keep us posted on what you find out from the scheduler.
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