New CRI Low?

Here is part of an email I got today...

I have ***** phone shops paying $1.43 each available to be completed today, tomorrow and Friday. The jobs require a recorded call, following a scenario that we provide, then a quick online report entry based on your experience.

You can self-assign at....

Don't you just want to jump at that one? How do they get $1.43??? Wonder if you have to watch a 30 minute training video first. Oh well, back to work. Hope this gave some of you a laugh of the day.

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No Way. It sure did, lol. I live in North Texas and I would never work for that amount; here or anywhere else!
No, the saddest part is that, these start out at $1 and are very quickly booked after being posted. Only very few remain, and I guess get bonused to $1.43. So while it's funny to us, there are apparently lots of people that gladly work for that kind of fee.
....the REALLY sad thing is that so many shoppers are not only willing to work for that, but that they are anxiously watching the job board so they can grab them right away .....
I can only assume these are the people that really don't enjoy going out on the road, and would rather be paid peanuts to sit at home and do this for a measly $5 bucks or however many calls they make. Pretty pathetic for that kind of money.
I think there are those who just CAN'T be on the road for whatever reason, and so this is what the market allows.

Not to start a political discussion in a nice CRI bashing thread, but the first work in this company's name is CORPORATE!

In this unregulated system, the job of this corporation is to make you work for as little as possible while maximizing their profits. One phone call at a time.....
There is also that resigned feeling of, "At least it is SOMETHING." I tend to put CRI mentally in the same category as most survey companies . . . "At least it is SOMETHING."
I haven't done any of these phone shops, but last summer I did a couple 100 for CRI that were paying $2 each. The calls took about 5 minutes and the reports took maybe a minute tops. In one day I did around 20 calls and made $40 in less than 2 hours.

So, I am in no way defending the low fee of these shops, but for those shoppers than can not travel, they are a way to make some money at home.
The best way to deal with CoRI shops (not to be confused with Certified Reports Inc, a Market Force Company), is to wait until you see that daily email telling you about how the commissions have been raised. I've been paid as much as $40 to go buy a pack of cigs without an ID (plus reimbursement for cigs and soda), on a shop starting out at $10. Patience is an outstanding virtue. Personally, CoRI specializes in getting the most for the least. Like $3 to visit a gas station, taking 4-6 conspicuous photos, uploading receipts, and answering monotonous questions, after having to pass a test frustrating enough to throw the camera through the screen. But, in other news...........
Nothing ever goes to those kind of prices here. They don't have gas shops here; in fact they have little, and even less that I will consider (really only the clothing store.) The absolute max something has ever gotten to here is one time the HW store went to $20. Most things stay under $9.00. The sign shops stay in the $5-6 range. So in my area, the strategy is, don't shop at all unless it is over $10 in fees then add the reimbursement and I will do the clothing store. Now that they lost the burger, that is it for me.

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