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Is everyone now using the new website? I thought I was a test shopper for the new design, but now I am not sure.

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It looks the same to me. The only change I notice is that the job board is the default landing page. Are the changes subtle?
OMG my page is 100% different today. It's going to take me a minute to navigate this ...
No joke. I have 127 shops within 15 miles. I have to decline shops for 5 minutes to see if there is anything that I want after culling the junk.

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I believe certain shoppers were picked for testing. I have already reported the Find Shops issue. Even if I enter 5 miles from a zip code, the shops are posting from 25 miles away. The map comes up immediately, so I have to close the map. And the default seems to be 5 shops per page, so imagine how many pages for a hundred shops.
I also believe they are still testing this with not all of their shoppers. They encouraged constructive suggestions and here is what I just emailed them: I will really miss not being to use my enter key to advance the pages quickly.

Here are my comments on the new website:

I don't find the map useful so I wish there was a way to always hide it by default. Currently I have to click on the hide it link to do so. By default I'm only seeing five available shops and I have to ask to see more on the first page each time. I would like to see a way to see more available shops by default. I just tried to submit a report and when I went to link the receipt, the site hung up. I had to back up a step and redo the receipt link process to make it work. On the old website I could hit my "enter key" to advance to the next page. This was a big time save versus having to use the mouse to click on "next". On the new site, the enter key no longer advances the report to the next page.
I just found that I could delete the map view on my default search settings. Near the top of the available shops page there is a link that allows you to set your default view. Thereis a box you can uncheck to always not show the map.
I see the old page but was one of the testers for the new site for a few weeks. Eventually... we will all see the new page and that will be our new home. smiling smiley
How do we reschedule or cancel a shop? I couldn't find anything at all about these issues. I had to email help desk.
@lucky7s wrote:

How do we reschedule or cancel a shop? I couldn't find anything at all about these issues. I had to email help desk.
Are you seeing the new website? I have not seen it for a few weeks now. I know it's just a matter of time before I see it again!
@lucky7s wrote:

How do we reschedule or cancel a shop? I couldn't find anything at all about these issues. I had to email help desk.

I assume you are on the new site. First go to the list of your shops to be completed that click on shop details. You should then see links near the top to change the date or cancel the shop.
Yay... I got a reply from the helpdesk!! It was quite easy. I am liking the new website a LOT....

Thanks for your replies. smiling smiley
I do not care for the new website at all. It takes three times longer to search for shops with the up/down arrows and the view not fitting on my page. There are usually over 1000 shops posted in my area and it just takes too long to view them now. It's easiest to just check the map, but then if I click on the shop, the whole thing defaults back to 5 shops per page etc. I see less shopping for them in my future if it isn't improved. The receipt link does not work, as someone mentioned above. I have to back out and re-enter to the shop results and then it links. Plus the rigamaroll at the end of the report is a PITA. Also, I can't just tab over to the AM/PM radio button. Now, I have to physically click on it..just more time and nuisance. Why can't they make it easier for shoppers instead of more cumbersome? Some companies' sites are so easy to navigate, like Second to None for one. I would think that a company of that size should be able to come up with a much better website navigation process.

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