Sinclair---no shops---

Whats up with Sinclair? They always have dozens of shops available. Now, nothing.

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I've been getting shop offers from them every day this week but my schedule is crammed full with no time to spare. What TYPE of shops? Do NOT name client. Some retailers choose to not have shops performed during the busy holiday season with temporary, seasonal workers.
I do their bank shops. The scheduler told me that they fill them by the quarter. The last month of every quarter, the bank shops are nonexistent for that reason.

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Maritz, as a matter of procedure, will make a particular shopper unable to find a specific client in a search. their reason is: "The client requested that you not shop them anymore." I was actually told this by a scheduler. They will not inform you, either in writing, via email, a note in your 'Home " file, or by phone. Poof! ....those shops just don't show up anymore when you search!
It is a low water mark for MaritzCX....this may have been what happened with Sinclair and this shopper.
SInclair will eliminate future shops if you decline their process of making a route of two stores with super hard to fill stores. If you say you will do one and not the other they will not allow you to further shop. the two stores in mind are NOT in any way related but just two unfilled shops.
I think CANADAMOMMY may be right. Since I declined shops I used to do because they were P/R and somehow connected with a bundle of shops and I felt the pay was too small, they have stopped the emails. I haven't had any interest/time to check if I am still on their d/base.
You aren't still in their may still be in the bowels of their database. Welcome to purgatory-OP style. Smack me in the head if i even get curious and search to see if i am still eligible for MaritzCX. I doubt it.....they remind me of a drunk frat boy...."...all me and no you..."
Every day? Sinclair? Where do you live, NYC? In my area I'm lucky if there are 15 shops in an entire month available.
Anybody see any pretzel or pizza shops for this company? I used to do 3-4 each month.
Sinclair requires shoppers to pass brief certification tests for each client. Only those clients for whom the shopper has passed the test are displayed to the shopper. However, the certifications need to be re-completed when shop guidelines change. OP, check your certifications and see if there are any which you need to re-take. Some shops might simply be waiting for you to test.
Did you decline a spatula store shop? If so they will deny you the other. Not related shops at all and super hard to fill spatula so they try to "route" them.....

@RyanM wrote:

Anybody see any pretzel or pizza shops for this company? I used to do 3-4 each month.
@RyanM wrote:

Anybody see any pretzel or pizza shops for this company? I used to do 3-4 each month.

I've done both this week. I think my area is low on pizza shoppers, but my kids eat the heck out of that pizza, so I will get it whenever I can.
I rarely see shops for them anymore. I used to have tons of banks shops (at least 60 bank shops over a span of time) and some other "baked salty twisty shops" but even those are rare. It might be where I live and others here might have more "locations" than other shoppers.
I've had a few issues. I whole bunch of wrong information appeared out of no where on my profile. Another shopper's email address, phone numbers and tax ID number. I spent 35 minutes on the phone correcting it with accounting.

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I still get emails from them as we have their pizza shops around here and also a chain of wholesale grocery stores they do. I've also noticed a new client for them (that I never expected to see ever shopped) of the big online fantasy sports websites....

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