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Has anyone worked for this company? What is it like? I just received an offer to do some bank shops, but do not know the company. Thank you.

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The company is pleasant enough to work with, the reports are not too bad, the scenarios led to my identification as a shopper by name since I was required to do an interaction with my account and then also visit with a platform person in a somewhat stale scenario. Payment is within a reasonable period of time.
I have done many bank shops for them as well as some complex investment and retirement plan shops. Very pleasant to work with. Pay is fair and prompt.

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Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
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Go for it! I've done shops for them for two years (mostly bank shops), and the are a fine company. They pay by check and do it promptly.

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I really love them. They've improved their payroll system to easy to follow. They pay fairly considering the report length and more importantly quickly.Account managers are generally realistic and professional. They've always treated me like a respected professional.
LOVE Informa. Can't say enough good things in regard to this company. One of the rare few that I can actually say is a pleasure to work with.
I agree. I've only done phone shops for them so far, but they're straightforward and the company pays promptly.
I think they are a professionally run organization and the pay is decent for what is involved. I used to do a lot of banking shops for them and never had a problem with payment.

I tired over time of the very obvious scenarios I was required to play out, however, and couldn't really stomach the shops any more. If you are not bothered by bank shops or being the obvious shopper, I can recommend them.
I do many shops for Informa. I enjoy the banks shops. I had the same thing happen to me as Flash, as being identified as a shopper. I was taken off that account for a year.
They are here in Los Angeles (the town I used to live in). They are a straight forward Co., I just tired of the Bank shops, but the company is great, no waiting for pay.

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