Intelli-Shop partial payments?

I did 3 shops for Intelli this month. I got paid for the last one I did just now, but not the first two. I'm kind of confused. The one I got paid for was only performed one day after one I didn't get paid for. So will the other payments be forthcoming today, or not until mid-Jan. like usual? Anyone else?

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It seems I saw a note on their home page a couple of weeks ago that said that they were trying to process payments more quickly in December and that some payments would arrive early. Payments were to be issued based on the time the work was approved by Intelli-shop as opposed to when the work is done, so I would guess that they approved the shop for which you've received pay already just before their internal deadline, but did not approve the others until a day or two later - even though you did the other shops first.

I received payment today for a shop I did 12/10. However, I have not received payment for the shops I did 12/17. I am anticipating payment for those shops to arrive around 1/20.

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I also noticed I did two audits 12/20 and 12/22. The 12/22 is graded and paid, 12/20 is waiting. I think they're rushing to get as much graded and paid out by years end as possible. It makes our taxes a little easier and probably their paperwork too.

Similar issues with me. I received payment for later shops but not 4 done very early this month. All were approved ages ago but the unpaid shops were the first I did for December.
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