Does BestMark only have car dealership shops or do they do other retail and restaurants?

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Depending on where you are, they do quite a few other shops. The car dealership shops tend to stick out since there's so many, but I've done quite a few other shops with them besides car dealerships.
Are they posting dealership shops yet? Nothing within 150-200 miles of me and there's usually 25-50 dealerships. Nada yet tho.

None for me, either. I need an oil change and they have ALWAYS had my dealer on the shop list. Did they lose a big client?

Talking tough is easy when it's other people's evil and you're judging what they do and don't believe.
Dang. I bet it's the one I was enjoying. Often times I could get my oil changed and tires done plus a nice $20-$90 kitty to boot. I guess everyone with the auto shops is trying to move over to someone who reimburses the oil change only. That's how you end up with lower quality reports, too, though. BM reports are lengthy and tedious but I always felt like I could tell what actually happened, even when it was bad.

As far as I can tell the client is gone and only their luxury brand has shown up at another MSC. While it is possible they shopped different brands to different MSCs I don't see the likelihood of that happening as very high.

Talking tough is easy when it's other people's evil and you're judging what they do and don't believe.
Haven't spotted the luxury brand yet, but I did spot a flat rate service type of shop for a different car entirely priced at $80. Says any service, any model except wiper blades and luxury cars. $80 would get me an oil change and put $30-$40 in my pocket so I suppose I may switch over to these guys for my oil if they carry SAE 5W30 full synthetic... I'm sure they do, though smiling smiley

They still have the contract, but they don't have the shops right now... They have 2 major brands... One just ended and now the other just started... and not all of this brand's dealerships are shopped... They are still shopping the luxury branches of the 1st brand though... I've been getting nearly daily emails about it and unfortunately, I don't drive a luxury car! lol When the 1st brand was running, I have 2nd brand and couldn't wait for them to open/... now that they do, my local dealership isn't shopped so I got the oil change done through another MSC that does a 3rd brand but accepts any brand vehicle...
Does this make sense? lol
I just did an electronics mass merchant mystery shop for them today that got quite technical. So, they definitely have different shops in different areas. I've been watching for an oil change for a month. I've got a couple weeks then I'm going to have to break down and pay out of pocket for one...waah!
I got an email saying the rest of the shops will be created the week of 1/9 so stay tuned.....

I saw a few more posted this morning. I was ecstatic. It's great to get those shops! I planned on using it to offset tires and brake pads for my disc brakes this year.

I'm seeing the new auto brand shops and with these, they let you shop with a diesel! I happen to have one of the new brand and one of the old so I'll be able to participate with the new client. But, as mentioned above, there are not very many locations shopped for some reason.

They also do some restaurant shops but they usually do not have a shop fee. They used to have Pharmacy store shops - which I loved - but they are gone.
@jkstein wrote:

Does BestMark only have car dealership shops or do they do other retail and restaurants?

They do electronics and food out our way. I thought it was a national contract re the electronics shops.
I've done electronic shops for them (computer/tablet inquiries) and restaurant shops. I don't drive so no car shops for me. I did one movie theater shop for them too. I've only seen that shop three times in the past 5 months, I guess that goes quickly. Oh, and I did a casino shop recently.

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They do a great deal of auto (sales and service shops) in my area. Oddly, instead of increasing they pay on jobs sitting since Jan1 - they have dropped the pay. They now pay less than half what they paid on Dec 30 - and they also did away with travel bonus. Now it is driving 60 miles round trip for an auto sales shop, print materials (paper and printer ink), gas, wear & tear on vehicle plus the time at the shop and then a tedious 1.5 hour report. Pay is barely enough to cover paper, printer ink, gas, wear/tear on vehicle. I do not understand the logic of dropping the pay when they cannot even get the shop covered at a higher pay. I know it sounds like I am complaining about them - I have done many shops for them and I don't really mind the evaluation.....but with a 50% drop in pay and dropping each week; it does not make sense

Oh, in my area, when the electronic shops now show up - it is actually two shops but they only pay at the low end for one shop. Instead of shopping for one item, you are shopping for two items, in two very different departments - so you have to do an entire shop form for one item (cellphone) and then another for the second item (laptop)

And I would also check the menu's on the restaurant shops for their prices. Most of their restaurant shops in my area require two adults and no children. And depending on the restaurant - if upscale, they may require appetizer, one soup/salad, two different entree's, one desert and sometimes a stop at the bar and purchase one alcoholic beverage. Looking at the menu, if you purchased the absolute least expensive items on the menu, add tax and tip there is no way to stay within the reimbursement amount (easily go $50-$100 over the reimbursed amount). Just some thoughts and tips on the new way they are doing business this year

UPDATE: Just checked their site. The auto sales shops has dropped another 3 dollars - now down to $14. What is wrong with these people????

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I only see car shops. I did an oil change but like my other MSC better as they offer a car wash as well.
Car dealerships pay 14.00????

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
Agree on the restaurant shops, I signed up for one, got the name of the restaurant(since they don't tell you beforehand), looked up the menu and what they wanted you to order and it would've been impossible to stay close to the reimbursement amount so I just cancelled it.
I've noticed shop prices dropping. I did 32 shops with them last year for cars. I was going to offset the cost of a set of tires, but it seems that if I just suck it up and get all four at one dealership, I can use a $100 rebate and save myself a little headache. Maybe I'll keep waiting it out. If I see one go up to $40-$50 I'll try to snag that up. No travel locations yet, but it's early in the year.

The reports can be quite time consuming and this year, the reports have added more detail. We now have to give detailed and in depth information on the phone call to the location with timings, rings, who we speak to, transfers, time of day, and such. I'm not against doing the work for lower pay at times when it's something I want/need/will buy anyway, but they have been gradually shrinking the pay with a more in depth narrative now.

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