Intellishop editors.....

I'm so frustrated with doing shops for intellishop. I've done a total of 3....THREE shops for intellishop and I'm so annoyed I may never do one again.

First one I ever did back in the summer the editor reached out to me for clarification on one issue, then after I cleared that up they responded back to me with clarification for an entirely different issue. My shopper grade came back 6/10 for "2 point deductions per clarification attempts". Um I'm sorry why didn't you ask for both clarifications the first time you reached out to me?

Second one I ever did. I got 8/10 docked for "not responding to 'no' comments in the report". Keep in mind I went over every little detail of my transaction in the comments so they had everything that happened and they could see in the interaction I described that anything I responded "no" to was actually not done. But okay whatever I figured now I know and they want me to be very specific and point out each "no" in the comments.

Third report. Get 9/10 docked one point because "responding to each no answer is not necessary". Well which the freak is it intellishop????? Dock me for doing it, dock me for not doing it. I think I'm done with this company

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You must learn to treat Intellishop different than almost all other MSPs. They have very few shops worth the pay and even those are after hefty bonuses. They grade harder than everyone who uses sassie except maybe Confero. Consider any shop from them grade 7 or better as good and move on as you will get paid and it won't hurt you from getting other shops with them.
As a aside comment on all no answers as all mscs want this.

I once got a 9 from intellishop as " We deducted one point as we did not have to contact you."

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
^If I got docked a point for that reason the scheduler would be getting a nasty message from me. That's just complete BS. I feel like their editors just nit-pick and decide on the spot what the rules are....or maybe different editors have different rules. Either way its frustrating....frustrating enough to not do their shops again
I feel this same way about HS- they deduct points for unreasonable reasons. They consistently score me lower than others. I have done one Confero shop with a point deduction for too much info in the narrative. I have not had any problems with Intellishop yet. I have done about 25 shops and have a 10 rating.

I am still a little new to this and have been shopping sporadically for seven months.
I recently completed an intelli-shop shop, and received a 9 grade, with a note from the editor " very good report with clear narratives but next time you will need to ask the salesperson...." There was nothing in the shop instructions that mentioned that I needed to ask the salesperson anything beyond what was in the original instructions. Very strange.
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My take is to be practical with Intellishop. Just to ditch my ego and be practical. Will I be paid if they knit pick? Will I get other shops if they knit pick? I have many other MSC's that value my work and score me 9's and 10's.....with Intellishop if i am scored lower it is all going to boil down to - will I be paid? If yes, with this one particular company I don't care about the score as i know I've done quality work. However, should I suddenly start receiving lower scores from other MSC's, then, yes, I'd start looking at myself and the quality of my work. With Intellishop my advice is to ditch any ego and boil it down to this simple question: Will I be paid or not? Just my seventeen cents.
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Seriously, Intellishop docked you a point for not having to contact you? This makes no sense whatsoever to me. Like I stated in my above post....with Intellishop, turn in quality work and then just focus on whether or not you get paid - don't even look at their score.
@SS4U wrote:

There was nothing in the shop instructions that mentioned that I needed to ask the salesperson anything beyond what was in the original instructions. Very strange.
There are many reports that include additional guidelines and/or questions in the actual report. Some of the MSCs and/or guidelines will mention that additional questions are listed in the actual report. That is why I always review both the guidelines and the report before performing a shop.
I am thorough and read both instructions and additional notes; also write things down & download and keep copies of instructions..just in case.There was nothing in guidelines requiring any additional ?'s to sales associate, other than what was in the report. I was docked one point for this.
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Interestingly enough after having posted my take on Intellishop's editors, today i submitted three different shops to them. I'm looking forward to seeing their comments and the scores they assign me - realizing too that I've done my best, other MSC's rank me 9's and 10's consistently, and that a lower score at Intellishop still gets me paid.
My first few shops were with IS and I almost decided this was not for me, because I felt frustrated with getting nit picked over stuff that seemed redundant. Having now done shops with other companies I feel like they do grade way harder. I did manage to get a few 10s with IS recently but they were from very simple phone shops. most of their shops I get 8's and 9's.
BuffaloNY101 and squireparty are right, Intellishop is just different. Do a thorough job, answer their questions, and don't sweat the "score". You'll have to figure in the extra time of communication with the editors to your fee and see if it is worth it to you to work for them. I haven't had a problem with them in a long time, so I think it may just depend on the person that reviews your report what score you get.
I've one a bunch of shops for them and never had a problem. My scores have been all 10's with the exception of one screenshot shop in which I had no idea what I was doing. Even that one was an 8. Maybe it is different in various parts of the country? Hope it gets better!! Sorry you had a bad experience!
Check to see if scheduler is also the editor. There are some good ones and some pain in ........
I am extremely disappointed with the way I have been treated by this company lately. I reached out and was completely ignored. When I followed up, I was met back with ridicule and basically told to "get lost." I have done a lot of shops for this company and I'm beyond insulted at this treatment. It makes me not want to work for them anymore. I won't go into details or names, but know that there are a few people working here who think they don't have to treat anyone with respect.
It comes to the editor. I get consistent 10s from them except for one editor who gives me sevens and eights. I still get paid but, even so, I don't do a lot of shops for them as a result.
This is funny to me -- I keep seeing people complain about them but they are one of my favorites. I get paid on time and get 10s all the time. And the best part is they have a lot of shops available in my area. My husband does shops for them too -- he always gets 7s though --- I tell him don't worry about it as long as you get paid!
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