When do 1099s arrive?

Hi all,
I was going to take advantage of one of the tax preparation jobs as my records are quite good and I know the 1099s are just informational, but I thought I would hang on just to be safe. Does anyone know when companies start sending them out? Does anyone know of a thread discussing this? I know I saw one before, but now I can't find it again.

I can't believe this is the end of my first year doing this pretty intensely? I've done it for years on and off, but this last year has been an adventure of running around DFW. I know all the car dealerships and banks in the area! Even some churches!

Thanks a lot,

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Companies are required to send out 1099s no later than 1/31/17, so at the latest, you should have them by early February.

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You don't need them if you have kept good recordssmiling smiley W2s are to be send out by the end of January.
ath sent theirs out electronically yesterday.

I've been MSing off and on for 8 years, but this was my first year doing it full time. I'm surprised at how much money I made, and I rarely worked weekends or out of state.

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I don't think I have every received 100% of my 1099's before end of January, despite that being a requirement. I'm lucky if I have them all by end of February, which usually includes a revision or two.

I keep very good records of my earnings but have also found that many of the companies I work with don't, and the 1099 totals don't always match my records. I have also had issues with the IRS pushing back when the numbers didn't match, so I tend to wait on tax filing until I have them all and make sure they are correct.
As far as I know, the companies do not have to mail them until January 31 to comply with the regulations.

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