Yellow Gas Stations and Their Editors

Some times these editors can be so confusing. I accept that my photos submitted may be off one way or the other. I take more photos than necessary just in case more are needed.
When I take for instance a forecourt photo, I include all of the pumps, shot at an angle. Why Mr or Ms Editor do you want me to show drive paths when the overall shows them? So then, keeping in mind you want drive paths in the forecourt photo, I walk further back to show them. Then you ask for a photo that is closer, because the one submitted is too far away. So which is it?
How about product or food photos that are shot from the same angle as the interior shot? They look the same, you say? Well, of course they do. I've explained that the shop is so tiny that it is the only place to take a photo that clearly shows the item(s) requested. So, I submit another photo that shows a crowded bunch of product or an interior full of high shelving.
Question 13 on the report asks about the national campaign. Well the pump banner does show Nitro. You want me to change the answer because its not part of the designated campaign messages in the guidelines? Okay, I understand. But its still there and I look at it while fueling. And why do some of your co-workers allow it?
Those are just a few frustrations that make me sigh and move on . I've learned that its easier to do that than quarrel.
But, last of all. Why do I see some of my answers changed? You weren't there. Yes, there is an accumulation of trash at one end of the lot - not really noticeable. I use my discretion: the area was a former pile of snow that in recent days, has melted. Some of it, if one looks closely is still frozen to the pavement. Yet, you changed my answer!

Oh well. I just move on, having a good laugh at one editor's question. Cannot disclose that one as it would immediately identify me to the editor.


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Sometimes you take a photo of the same thing you have taken before, some spot same angle, almost identical and this time it is not valid. Go figure.
I'm a glutton for punishment. I took 20 of these shops for this week. I fully expect to get 4 or 5 of them red carded by the over-zealous editors. I take plenty of pictures so I substitute when necessary. I don't know if the editors feel obligated to justify their jobs or are getting pressure from the client to conform to standards but I don't have the same problem with the other brands I do for this MSC. I do know that the only reason I will return to a shop is if I have made a mistake, like missing a required photo. I will not return for some inconsequential whim of an editor. If push comes to shove, I will turn the shop back in and forfeit the fee before making an unnecessary return trip. A couple of times in the past I have had to explained this to a scheduler or a supervisor. I find the experienced schedulers and supervisors much more understanding and easier to work with than some editor who has no name - just initials.
Nearly every gas station that I did for Martiz required different photos or had different answers. I figured that was par for the course, and I always had extra photos, so that was fine by me. I always got paid and hardly ever had to go back for photos.
The Yellow Gas Station shops are not worth it anymore.

It is a very frustrating process...especially when sites do not match the 'ideal' station that this MSC is assuming one will be assigned to. Pumps get shut down, stores get shut down, gas deliveries happen....hell, I just did one last night where vandals had broken four of the eight pumps and destroyed the unisex restroom (knocking the sink off the wall, etc.) How does one report on that?

When a station is closed, or partly closed, one doesn't get paid....period.

My photos are routinely not good enough, and I am tired of re-sending new photos, much less driving out to the station again.
Explaining the size and shape of the store layout has fallen on deaf ears, in my experience....the editors just don't get it. They should be required to complete a dozen or so night shops in the rain, in the inner city!
Tomorrow I have to return to the station at which I found the dead body during a previous visit. It's going to be a creepy feeling to stand in that spot again for the overall photo . It's about the only location in which to stand and capture all the elements they want.

Her Serene Majesty, Cettie - Goat Queen of Zoltar, Sublime Empress of Her Caprine Domain
Let's hope the MS company doesn't want a photo of any more bodies.

Her Serene Majesty, Cettie - Goat Queen of Zoltar, Sublime Empress of Her Caprine Domain
I've found that the Yellow station editors are some of the pickiest I've dealt with.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. Eleanor Roosevelt
Maritz and the yellow shops are the absolute worst! I read about them here, but nooo... I didn't listen- and a few if them in, they make one just miserable. I know I'll never take another one, but slogging through these ridiculous demands for a photo showing the fruit, or a closer shot, or a distant full shot, there's just no winning. I have no problems elsewhere and neither do y'all... The problem is them!!! Never again!
It's no wonder the last question asks if we know other shoppers who might be interested in accepting these agonizing shops. The last time I took some of these, several months ago,. the editors were OK. supposedly they were re-trained. I have 9 more left for this week and debriefed 11. The first one I did was Monday and that was red-carded yesterday with the editor saying it appeared to be a station with a store entrance connected to the service bay. The photo I submitted clearly show a separate entrance door next to the bay. I responded to the editor clarifying it and also called the MSC. The scheduler said she has no control over the editor but will have her/him contact me. I won't hold my breath waiting. I suspect, after the urgent need for me to respond in 24 hours, that the shop will just disappear in 3 or 4 days having been corrected. I also suspect that several more of the 11 submitted will bounce back later today.

I really don't know if all new editors are assigned to this brand for training and then eventually move on or if the client is pressuring the MSC and editors for accuracy. Either way, I don't expect the plea for more shoppers to be removed any time soon.
The editors frequently cite the "Valid Photo" for correct photo submissions.


In re-re-re-re-reviewing the "Customer Experience Reference Guide", I'm noticing that the directions for a "Valid Photo (taken correctly)" of the Overall photo, does not include the MID even though their instructions explicitly say to do so. For the Forecourt "Valid Photo (taken correctly)" shows a cut off pump and little if any "drive paths".

I take more photos than necessary (4 photos of the forecourt from each corner as an example). I wonder, if I took a photo, cutting off a portion of a pump, what would the editor's reaction be? Same for the Overall, leave out the MID like the photo?

But MS or Mr Editor, I'm following the "Valid Photo" examples from the reference guide.

Ya think?
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