Second to None - Status Codes (?)

Those who do secret shops for second to none, do they anywhere on the website explain what the various codes are? Right after I submit them I see they are in an "R" status, but I have one where I was a bit late on submitting the details (as in the next morning after a 3pm shop) and the status code is an "X" but I can't seem to figure out what that means. Help?

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LadyC, the status of submitted shops that are In Process is either R (in Review) or CL (clarification). Some clarifications are resolved by Quality Control without contacting the shopper. If a shop is rejected, it is shown in My Ranking. A rejected shop is an active link, clicking on it reveals which shop was rejected, and why.

Edit: I don't know what the X indicates. Possibly that it was not completed on time. If it's still In Process with an X status, it wouldn't seem that it has been rejected. A rejected shop is no longer In Process, in my experience.

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Thanks all, turns out that they had reviewed it and accepted it but then screwed up on the payment but all is well.
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