Marketforce Reporting Problems

I am entering my shop now and am unable to link the photo to the report. There is no button to link. There was a button to link my receipt which I was able to download and link. I emailed the help desk, but am stuck now. Report is showing up as incomplete even though I answered every question, but the photo won't link so I can't even submit report and get to the CPI part and finish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I checked their website and it says nothing about reporting problems which I have seen in the past.

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For the receipt, the Link button is below the photo. For photos like gas station exteriors or food, the link button is ABOVE the photo./ There is a dropdown menu that asks which photo you want to link. You click the dropdown menu and select the question that matches the photo and that links it.
I just did that and it says loading and has been for the past few minutes. I guess I just have to let it wait??? Have not done a report that required a picture until today, may avoid them in the future if this is what I have to go through. Thanks for your quick response, at least I now know what to do. Do you know how long it typically takes to load. This seems excessive.
It finally loaded, after about 15 minutes. That is insane, but thank you roflwofl for you your help!
Go back a page or refresh your page and it will load instantly. Found that out by trial and error.

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This seems to happen often with their "new" website. When it occurs I exit the report and then start again. It takes me to where I left off and then the picture loads quickly and the link works.
Thank you MsJudi and kenasch for your suggestions. I will try them the next time that I have to do a report. Yesterday was very painful. BTW the help desk still has not responded to my email, but maybe they see that the report was already submitted, so they won't bother.
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