Anyone else get a Trendsource phone call today

I received one that sounded urgent regarding how I was doing their grocery shops. I've been doing these for years without any major issue so I have no clue what the issue is. Supposedly it has to do with a quality control list they received. I've tried all day calling and emailing and there has been no response.

The only "clarification" I generally get is in reference to the same store over and over where there is almost never more than one associate on the floor during my first round. I have no control over that

Anyway, just curious if anyone else is on the list and knows what this issue is that is severe enough to generate a list and urgent phone calls and emails.

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I do their shops as often as I'm allowed, at two different locations. I haven't received a phone call. Is it possible that one of the stores outed you?

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Call them and choose extension 123. Someone often answers even after their office closes and they are often there by 9 or 10am ET. Or send a question to support and reference the shop that they are asking about.
As it turned out, I showed up on the list because my attentiveness rates are much lower than other shoppers. It seems other shoppers have better luck in getting associates to acknowledge them. I do have very low rates of attentiveness. As a matter of fact, I note it in almost every report. I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that their associates completely ignore customers.

It should be noted this is for their store that caters to EBT customers. My attentive ratings are far higher with the stores that cater to high-end customers.

I have four of these stores to do at the end of the month and I decided I will do no more. I've always done them mainly to help them out. I love my high-end grocery stores, which covers my monthly grocery bill.

I'm an easy grader but I still call a spade a spade and won't compromise my integrity because a company is afraid to report the truth.
I got a request for a bonus'd shop. The said $**.** total pay. It was a pretty big bonus for a shop pretty far from me. I took it. Of course, I thought the total pay was actually total pay and did not include the reimbursement for the groceries. Errrrr, wrong. When she said total pay, she meant total pay which includes the $9 for the "reimbursement" part. My bad. I won't trust her ever again. I know now to ask the question, "Total pay means the pay portion, PLUS the reimbursement, right?" Dang!

They should ask themselves the question of, when they do this (I think it's sneaky), how will the shopper make the extra $18. I know how!

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