How on earth do schedulers calculate mileage?

I got a call from Informa to do a shop 16 miles from me. Nice pay for a 32 mile round trip I thought, so I asked the exact location. The scheduler mentions a city that is at best a 34 mile drive and 45 minutes away. I told him that was nearly double the distance he told me it was. He asked about doing a shop in another town just 14 miles from me, I asked the name and it was one town away from his original request, 36 miles from me according to my GPS. I told him his calculations were way off, verified that he had my correct zip code, and asked how he calculated mileage. He mumbled something about Google Maps.

Is he using a ruler to measure the straight line distance between two points??? How else, other than an attempt to bamboozle, is he putting out these distances?

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Yes, I believe they use straight line mileage not taking into consideration lakes, rivers, mountains, or in my case a 90 mile ocean sound. When they give me mileage to the other side of the sound I have to tell them I'm not a crow or I'll have to use one of my kayaks or some other jokingly wise-ass answer. Most of the schedulers understand. I seriously doubt they use google maps as that is what I use to plot my routes and that takes into consideration the trip around the sound and over a bridge.
I got a call today to do a resort. She calculated mileage using google maps. She then added another $100 to be safe. After doing all of the work, she called me. Not all schedulers are lame.
Pretty much any search mechanism relies on straight line mileage for general results. Even Google Maps. Actual mileage is subjective. If you rely on mass transportation what takes your neighbor 15 minutes to drive 8 miles too might take you an hour to be driven 25 miles too. Another neighbor may work next door to the target so consider the target a minute to walk too.

Very few schedulers have time to plot out the potential travel routes for each individual shopper on their list. As a shopper, be patient and understanding, gather the necessary information to make an informed decision. If you come across as harsh or not understanding with schedulers, they will avoid you eventually.

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I get that along in this area. The mileage is calculated in the crow miles many of us have mentioned winking smiley I often get asked why I ask for $ extra for a shop that's allegedly 12 miles from me. In reality, it's closer to 40 miles one way and there are about $5 in tolls.

As a previous scheduler, I can say that when "phishing" for shoppers, systems usually use an "as the crow flies" mileage system to grab shoppers within a 15 - 20 mile radius to contact. Then if true mileage comes up, we are instructed to use google maps to get the driving distance door to door and then we are maxed out at $0.20/mile in reimbursement. A lot of times, we can't even offer the .20/mile depending on how much the shop pays/reimburses to begin with.
15-20 miles from where I live, to misquote another shopper, would leave me 3 steps south of a cow patty!

The absolute nearest shop to me is 45 miles away. The ones I do regularly are 100 miles away, on average.

It's not the scheduler's job to figure mileage -- it's OUR job.
I always tell them my crow is in the shop. That place 20 miles away you want me to shop for $15 is 45 minutes each way.
CoffeeQueen your crow is in the shop too. My helicopter is also in the shop and I don't think I would be mystery shopping if I had a private plane. Now where did I place that jetpack.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
The IRS in Ca. gives a tax break of $.56 a mile. That figures in fuel and maintenance. My car is important to me. I just won't do any shops that don't consider real miles.
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