Schedulers that do not communicate

I receive several emails asking me to perform shops, many with bonuses. These emails are very short, so I go to the job board, and zero details. I email the scheduler and the reply doesn't answer my questions. Do they want someone to take the shop or not?

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Depends on the MSC. We might be able to help more if we knew which MSCs.

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I do understand the frustration. There are very short posts on the forum with zero details. Do the posters want an answer or not?

JM Ridgeway is the one today. Three emails to do three different shops with no details. I respond asking several questions and receive a one word response "yes" that doesn't answer my questions. I could possibly do all three shops if I knew what they entailed. Are the shops that bad that they hide the details.

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LOL I feel your frustration. I hate it when schedulers don't take the time to read and answer questions. I've gotten in the habit of numbering my questions and spacing them apart slightly. It gets better results.
What annoys me is when they don't answer the question that was asked.

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Obviously that's an exaggeration but still. I have learned that the companies that have those issues are the same ones that have other issues and they're all the same root cause. I rarely work for those companies.

*I do not have experience with Ridgeway so do not know if they fall into that category or not.

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Goodwin Hospitality....I have been trying to get hold of the scheduler FOR ONE WEEK! I am basically flying blind here. I have left voicemails, emails, and have tried other schedulers. Not one of them answers their phone or returns emails. I submitted a shop even though I still had unresolved issues. I did not want the shop to mysteriously disappear, like I read about in another thread about this company. Sorry for the rant. Very frustrated with this company.
2-3 years ago, I sent an email stating that I could shop a particular store between 12-2 pm (driving up the I-5). I was assigned the shop right away - after 4 pm. Ridgeway. I haven't bothered to apply since then.
Is anyone else watching Survivor? Some of the schedulers I've had the misfortune of dealing with remind me of Debbie.
Alot of times when the scheduler emails about a shop, most times it is not listed on their job board. So now you have to wait it out with the emails.
If a scheduler does not communicate with me I do not shop for them. There is no reason why I would do a shop without the details of what to do. Very rarely does a scheduler not answer my question. It does not make since to me to do a shop without the Guidelines ahead of time or to have unanswered questions.
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