Looking for steakhouse shops

I have signed up with 20 companies. I have had lots of fast food shops but would love to do Outback or Longhorn. Does anybody know if these do mystery shops and who schedules these. Thanks!

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In my area Smoky Bones, Chinese Resturants, Cheesecake Factory, and Heartland Brewery is mostly offered.

FF are payments to fill in the holes, but only when they are offering bonuses.

BES is good for dining shops and it includes one alocholic beverage. (I have to find a date , first). I have not shop for them yet, but I do look at their job board every day.
Try MarketForce, they are mostly fastfood.. but a steakhouse will show up every once in a while.
I was told last fall that Outback was resuming shops but they have not reappeared. I am assuming they will still be with the same MSP if/when they resume.

Longhorn is shopped by a company that is pretty much devoted to Longhorn. We obviously cannot tell you who shops them, but if you google something like "Mystery shop longhorn steakhouse" you just might find that the first entry is exactly what you need. Limit 2 per year.
There is one MSP that routinely shops Texas Roadhouse in my area, but I only did it once because the reimbursement was only half the cost of dinner for myself and my wife (god help me if I did one of these without her).

Flemings is a white-tablecloth steakhouse chain (although I don't know if they are everywhere). The shop is great because you get reimbursed up to $250 for bar, dinner, and valet parking for two, plus a $20 fee. Unfortunately you can only do 1 a year.
Thanks Flash!! Took your advice and found them just like you suggested! I guess it's all in knowing how to word the search on Google. I tried it one time before and came up empty. But it worked with your wording. Thanks for sharing!
I hold that MSC in strong affection...they were the first I ever shopped for. :-)

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I did a Longhorn review a couple of years ago. The service was poor and my report reflected what actually happened. The company called me to verify my report since it was negative and I've never had another one of these shops. As I recall, once you sign up, they may offer you a shop a couple of times a year.

Personally, I prefer the Texas Roadhouse shops. I take my spouse and kids & we usually eat for within $10 of the reimbursement. If the grandparents have the kids, the reimbursement is just about right. I only do the dining room shops, not the dinner at the bar shops.

Good Luck!
Recently, I've seen a new shop, at least to this area. Texas Land & Cattle. I haven't tried it . . . yet.
I know there is a company in Vancouver that does steak shops if you are located around BC. I think resturant has shops all over BC. I've signed up but haven't applied for one of these shops yet.

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Anyone give any hints for which company does Flemings shop?

I have done Smith and Wollensky and Capital Grille and have had good success with both of these!
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