I was nervous about calling a scheduler but it worked out great.

Customer Impact is one of my favorite companies. I don’t live in an area with a whole lot of shops available, but I was going to be in a certain town today at lunch time, so I applied for a lunch shop (which could also have been done as dinner) yesterday, with the shop to be for today. By 11 a.m. today I had not been approved and I could ONLY do this shop as a lunch shop, I would be out of town before noon. So right around 11 I called the scheduler. Poof, he had it on my job board and I was off to get lunch. Thank you, Mr. Limas. I love it when a plan comes together.

Now if only there were a lunch shop for the town I have to be in tomorrow…...

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Thanks, I had actually not signed up with them as their application is such a PROCESS. But you encouraged me to slog through it. Not in time for tomorrow of course, but hopefully they have shops in my area.
What kind of PROCESS is MF application? The application procedure is no longer or shorter than any other application for an MSC. Some people makes things harder than need to be. smiling smiley

BTW, MF has shops in everybody's area, it just a matter of looking. smiling smiley

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For me, it was more complex than several of my current companies, and just a different sort of application. But thank you.
Being proactive with schedulers is always a good thing to at least try. Many will ignore you BUT the ones that respond are ones that you know that you can market yourself to, especially when you want to travel and/or want to be thought of FIRST for coveted shops. Well done!

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
MF doesn't have great fees for most shops, but after years of shopping with them and proving myself as reliable and submitting reports on time, I have been able to negotiate nice bonuses. I did 2 audits last week for $80 each, total time spent on them together was a little over 4 hours and they were in the same area, 15 miles from home. And their reports are simple. I've done some of their fast food shops...very easy and when out on a route it's nice to not have to pay out of pocket for a meal. Try A Closer Look, too. More complex and detailed reports but the food is better. But, sometimes those require a companion and there is almost always a bunch of photos involved.
Thank you, I had just signed with ACL and see that they don't have a ton near me, but they do have some in a reasonable distance that interest me.
Yes, I had a scheduler do that for me too, after escalating to his/her supv for approval. This is an awesome company to shop for.
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