Not very happy with Summit Scheduling at the moment

This is the 2nd shop in the last few weeks in which I've received an e-mail from a scheduler at Summit letting me know that my assignment is overdue...yet I never received any e-mails notifying me that I was assigned! What the heck. I'm a little miffed, as I religiously check my Spam and Junk emails as well as my Inbox....nothing! These two assignments were for two different mscs, but both scheduled through Summit.

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I have been unhappy with more than one Summit scheduler not responding to my emails at all or responding in a tardy fashion. Poor communication seems to be a common theme.

Also, was one of the MSCs CRS? If so, for whatever reason, their assignments don't seem to generate the usual, Sassie shop assigned emails.
Gotshops, yes one of the companies was CRS. The other company is the one that does the post office shops (not sure if I'm allowed to actually say their name).
Well she could before she said the words Post Office.

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Well, I think you can probably guess which msc I'm referring to. It's not like a lot of them do post office shops smiling smiley
I had the same experience with my phone shop. I never got an email saying I was awarded the shop. I looked in trash and spam email; but nothing was there to do the Ipsos shop. I did it only after I received a general email listing available shops. I then clicked on the quick login without password and noted the awarded the phone shop to me. I accepted it and sent an email to the scheduler saying I would do the shop even though I never received notice. I did it, and when I went to input it, it was not there. No problem, I had done another shop which required an extensive survey and it was late in the evening; but, from now on I will be wary

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Day before yesterday I got an acceptance email for a shop that I had already gotten an acceptance email for the week before. I carefully checked it out and low and behold the dates had changed. This new date range was fairly buried in the job listing. I sent an email to the scheduler asking if they had sent me the wrong notice instead of a notice of change of dates (or even one asking if I could do the shop on different dates) but never heard back. Good thing I remembered I already had that job approved and checked carefully to see why it was approved again.
One of their schedulers was in the hospital in June and now no longer works for them. Maybe she's the one (Sarah???). Jennifer is timely and organized. The owner, Judith, responds to shopper emails if you have an issue.

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There's a particular A name scheduler that I can never get in touch with, but they sure like to assign shops the day of the due date or even the day after the chosen date -_- I have to keep a watchful eye out for these. In fact... I have one today that was "due" yesterday but now I'm assigned for it today. Luckily, on my way home from work. Blah. When I applied it would say "August 2nd through August 10th" so I write "yes, I can shop on the 10th" and get assigned for the 11th.

I recently asked a Summit scheduler but never got an answer: Do they even post the assignments they're trying to fill on their Summit website anymore? I know they schedule for other MSCs, and they have directed me to those when I've inquired about assignment availability. But I never got an answer to whether or not they post on Summit -- there is never anything there in any region when I check. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?
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