About Face Jobs in Ohio???

Hello! I'm new to Mystery Shopping and have found this forum extremely helpful....thank you for all your insight! I'm currently signed up with Jobslinger and that has helped me determine some of the MSCs that currently have work in my area. Is there any other way I can find out MSCs that work in the Columbus, Ohio area? From this forum, it appears About Face does....but I really don't want to go through all the hassle of signing up with them (especially since they require an uploaded professional photo) only to find out they have nothing available. I thought I might check here first. Anybody?

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JobSlinger is actually a very good way to find out which companies have assignments in your area without signing up. You probably won't get an assignments that are on JobSlinger because the listings are old, but it will show you which companies have jobs in your area so you can sign up. The best way is actually to sign up with companies. It really doesn't take that long to sign up with most of the companies. It takes a lot less time than typing a resume or filling out a job application. Most do not require you to provide references or past employment. Think of it as an investment in your business. And, just because a MSC does not have shops in your area right now does not mean they will not have a client in your area next week, month or year,.
Sign up with as many MSC's as you can. It doesn't matter if they currently have shops available, they will eventually. Or you can sign up with one or more of the companies that advertise shops for many MSC's like Isecretshop or Gigspot, I think there are others too. But still sign up with as many as possible, it'll make the difference between mystery shopping being a hobby or a profession.
Thanks JC for taking the time to reply! It makes sense that just because a company doesn't have a client in my particular area today, doesn't mean they won't next month. Thanks for clarifying. I just didn't want to waste my time signing up with a hundred companies when only 20 really work in my region. However, your comment has helped me jump over that mental hurdle smiling smiley
Great advice from all above. A few companies who have shops in most states and are great starter companies are Marketforce, Bestmark, The Source (aka Trendsource), Ipsos, Alta Research, and Maritz. I too am signed up with over 100 companies and am constantly looking for new ones. The links at the bottom of this page are very helpful. Good luck!
Great! I'm currently registered with a few of these (BestMark, MarketForce, etc...) but there were a few you mentioned that are new to me. I will definitely sign up with them as well. Again, thanks so much for the support.
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