Bare fitness shop...never again!

I picked up a Bare fitness shop for $15. Of course, I had no idea how much detail would be required before I accepted it. They tell you later that the client requires very detailed info and they won't accept the report unless it explains basically everything that happened and what was said. Totally crazy to expect all that narrative for almost no money when figuring the time involved. I was extremely resentful once i saw all that it involved. I felt abused and taken advantage of. I never would have accepted the assignment had I first known what was expected.

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I almost took that shop. Usually you have to explain or tell the story as some companies describe it. Did they want details of every part of the tour and what they said?
@7star wrote:

I almost took that shop. Usually you have to explain or tell the story as some companies describe it. Did they want details of every part of the tour and what they said?

LOL-Me, too but they are offering $20. It's actually still bookmarked as a maybe, but I may rethink that. I do not mind narrative as I like to write. What type of detail was overkill for you?
I've done a bunch of fitness shops when I have really needed the cash. I'm in a one-party state, so I would record the interactions, then transcribe. I agree, though, way too much work, which is one reason I don't do fitness shops anymore.
I was just thinking that too... I actually picked up 2 near me, I kind of lucked out because one of them didn't offer a tour. My first one I got 9/10, don't know about the other one. Definitely too much work for $15 but I kind of need the $$....
I did this shop and received a 10/10. I did not think the reporting requirements were too detailed. The written portion took me maybe 15 minutes maximum and they did not request additional information.
Usually the narrative details would include: what happen when you entered the location, anyone offered tour, what was shown on the tour, membership pricing, who did you interact with. The MSC wants a step by step account of what happened on your shop. So what's wrong with providing details? They want to see if their staff were properly trained and interacted with the visitors in an appropriate manner. Were you expecting to walk in, given a price sheet of membership prices and leave?
Sometimes the time and effort involved are not commensurate with the pay..that's all.

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The client has every right to request detailed information from the shopper. However, to conceal the amount of detail required for $15 until after the shopper has accepted the assignment is unfairl in my opinion. I suppose I could have declined to do the shop after receiving the guidelines, but shoppers never know how doing so will affect future assignments. And MSCs know that... It puts the shopper in a bad situation of completing the job begrudgingly while feeling taken advatage of or giving the shop back to the MSC without knowing the impact it will have on future jobs with the company.

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@MSNinja wrote:

ask for guidelines before aceepting shop. solves that prob.

exactly...i always, always, always ask for guidelines before accepting an assignment that i haven't done before and i have rarely been denied that request. if my request for guidelines is either ignored and/or denied i feel that the assignment is undervalued and not worth my time.
I've done about half a dozen of these fitness club shops for Bare. I've always found the reporting requirements to be reasonable. I don't think the narrative is excessive at all.
I had the same experience with a shop never again will I do that in the same manner

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There are so many times when I wish I could see the survey or guidelines BEFORE accepting the shop.
@MSNinja wrote:

ask for guidelines before aceepting shop. solves that prob.

Sure, if you have the scheduler's email. However, in cases where you aren't privy to that information until you accept the shop there isn't anything you can do.
Uh oh, I have one of those shops today. I hope I can remember everything I need for the report.
This is why when I take a visit for the 1st time I only take ONE! If the report is one from HELL I am only burned by it one time. This has saved me a ton of hassle later on
Fortunately I found one in Houston that paid about $23. I record my shops via cell phone app on my Android phone. Makes it easier to recall as long as it is not too noisy. Perhaps recording may help. If it is noisy I repeat what I am told as a matter of good communications to make sure I understand what I am told and the recorder picks it up. My husband just did the same type of shop closer to home for $15. I set a dollar amount that I will accept for shops. I always look at surveys before I do the shop and prefer to accept the shop after I review the survey. It is not worth my effort to do a phone shop for $2.-$5. value yourselves.
@Itsybitsy1 wrote:

It is not worth my effort to do a phone shop for $2.-$5. value yourselves.

I can do at least 10 $5 shops in 30 minutes so in an hour I've made $100. Value is perceptive. I work a full time day job and usually get in an hour earlier than everyone else and complete my shop reports the following morning of the shop. If I get a head start on my work for the day, and can make simple phone calls that only last 1-2 mins then I see great value in that.
I completed that fitness shop a few days ago. I didn't find it particularly time consuming.
I have no qualms about canceling a shop under these circumstances. I've done it many times over my 7+ year shopping career. I always email the scheduler to explain why. I have not seen any negative repercussions for doing so.
I've done 5 of these so far, mostly for $20-$25. The report took about 15 minutes, the visit itself maybe 30. I thought they were fun so I would do it again. You don't have to exactly quote everything that was said on the tour. My reports have said that when we were in x section of the gym we discussed a, in y section we discussed b and c, etc. I wrote maybe a paragraph for each narrative and got a 10/10.
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