First EPMS Shop

I'm doing my first EPMS shop tomorrow and it will be video'd. My equipment is scheduled to be here today, but I am a bit nervous that I am going to mess it up. Can anyone give me a run down of their typical video shops with them? I have done hundreds of non-video'd shops with other MSC's but none like this. Thanks.

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1. Make sure that your video equipment is working well and that you have it set up for good angles long before you have to start the shop. Make sure that you know how you are going to hide it and that you won't do anything silly like pull the plug out as you stash the recorder in your pocket/wherever... Don't forget to put the memory chip into the recorder....

2. Make sure you know your scenario and which questions you must ask vs. which ones you are supposed to wait for the leasing agent to ask.

3. Practice before going. Know where your camera is pointing at all times and find ways to point the camera at the target while looking at something in a different directions. Of course, you need to look natural doing it....

4. EPMS has lots of details in its narratives that the camera may/may not pick up. Be ready to observe those details.....

5. Use your iPhone as a back-up audio recording device, just in case......

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Great Thanks. I believe there are only 2 required questions that I have to ask. These are "shop anyone" so I don't have to be looking for a specific person, thank goodness. I'm driving a 3 and a half hour round trip tomorrow to do 5 of these puppies, so I'd better get them right!
Wow... yeah.... Spend lots of time making sure you are comfortable with the equipment.... That would be a long day to have shut down over equipment failure....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Kudos to you - you are very, very brave. Five video shops with borrowed equipment would scare the crap out of me. I can't fathom getting through five Ellis narratives in a short period of time.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
I just got the equipment in the mail and the shirt they sent is HORRIBLY small. It is like a Junior's Large. Good Gravy!!
I hope it works out for you. 5 shops with new equipment is aggressive. Practice Practice Practice
Hmm..... I create my own shirts... I am no tailor and I need nothing more than a sharp pocket knife.... The hardest part is finding a shirt that will hide the button camera well-enough and has buttons that will let the camera blend in.... It doesn't have to be pretty - just cheap. smiling smiley

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I'm on my way out to find one now!! Geez!! Thanks all.

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So, I found a shirt that would work for me and I got the camera working great. Practiced and practiced, and all seemed ok. Well, on the 5th shop, the camera cut off about 25 minutes in while we were on the golf cart. It isn't easy just to look down and see if it is still on. So, I will probably be out that money, and it was a BIG one.

PLUS... They don't tell you how in depth these are. OMG!! I am still trying to get these all typed up.
Did you set up your iPhone as an audio recording device? Sometimes, if you have "most" of a shop on video and the rest on audio due to equipment failure, you can substitute....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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