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One of my favorites! Their pay takes a little longer, but it's not bad. The shops are straightforward and easy.
Hey folks,

I just found these forums here and wanted to step in and say thanks for commenting on us in a positive light, we really appreciate it.

No problem. It is well deserved. I only do targeted apartment shops for MarketStat, because you are so good about getting additional information from the client on the target's availability. I have never wasted time or run around in circles. Thanks for making those shops pleasant and worthwhile. You're quick to respond when I reach out for additional information.
Excellent experience!! I had the opportunity to work for them last year. Unfortunately, they do not have shops in my area. Would work fro them again in a heartbeat.
I've only done a couple of shops for them but I had no problems. They were easy to work with and they paid on time.
Hi All,

I'm new to working for MarketStat, thanks for the kind words. I was wondering if you'd mind if I asked what type of perks you look for in a mystery shopping company.

Do you prefer:
Good instructions
Fast Pay
Slower pay, but MORE money


What can we do to make your job as shoppers easier and better? If there is a better thread for this question, please let me know! I am definitely learning the ropes here.

Thanks everyone.
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