A Closer Look - New State by State Scheduling

Now that this program has been in place for a couple of months, have any of you noticed fewer bonuses being offered?

I like ACL and have always considered their reps to be top notch. They're professional and fair.

But anytime an initiative is rolled out, like state-by-state scheduling instead of client-by-client scheduling, I think it's fair to assume that they're looking for efficiencies of some sort. Maybe it's reducing the amount of time that a scheduler takes to fill a shop. Or maybe it's reducing the amount of money that it takes to get shops completed.

Think about it. If you establish a relationship with a scheduler, you are more likely to help out when they need something. And you might do it for a "friend" for less than you otherwise would.

As the end of the month rolls around, I normally see money added to what are otherwise reimbursement only dining shops. That's typically when I take them.

This and last month, it seems that there haven't been as many bonuses added. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed it and if it's an impact of changing their scheduling from client-by-client to state-by-state.

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Actually I have found they have gotten real when it comes to the pizza shop. I know others say they are requiring shoppers to take that to get prime shops but here that is really the only shop and for me it's a bit of a drive. I have done it only with a bonus (fee) but each month that fee has been attached earlier and earlier. I believe this month it started out with the fee.

That's not apparent in my state. I have emails from three different schedulers for shops just around my area.
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