BARE Int'l Price Checks via App

Has anyone done these price checks? How are they? Do you let the employees know what you are doing? Or does this have to be done covertly?

The shop description says there are 50 easy to find items and should take 30 minutes.

Thank you for any feedback!

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I haven't done them but I have done similar projects for another MSC where I filled in the prices on a paper form then transferred it to an Excel form on my desktop and emailed it to them. The one I did was covert. I think Bare's are as well. That can be difficult. I had to break mine up into two separate visits (it was a lot more than 50 items). I saw the one for Bare in my state but it's in a city about 50 miles north of me so I passed on it.
I've done them. They are pretty easy. You are supposed to do them in covert. If an employee asks you what you are doing they tell you what to say.

I have done them, never been asked what I am doing but have found it can be tough to locate the exact sku. It can take about an hour as the items are all over the store.
I have done them....and, yes, it depends what store you're doing----the items can be all over the store. I have one for this weekend & I hope the items are easy to find.
Hmm. Recently, I saw a person using a phone to scan items in several sections of a store where I was doing a different type of task. I did not know if they were a vendor, auditor, mystery shopper, or customer. Apparently, they scanned all units of a particular item. They traveled through the store with a cart that had a notebook in the front section. There were hand-written notes in the visible pages. This was not my business, but I was interested. Have I described something that sounds like a project you have worked on in one or more locations?

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Hi everyone! I am doing these price check projects every single month for Bare. It is good guaranteed money, but what you really need to know. I do one supermarket with 650 items and other one with approximately 600 items. I believe these types of projects are not for everyone. I explain why I think so. One supermarket, where I collect the prices, has extremely high traffic and it is sometimes nightmare even try to get some shelves, but on the other hand, employees of that supermarket just do not even care what I am doing for 4-5 hours in row, because they are too busy with work. Sometimes some employee could politely offer help but it is not so obtrusively. This supermarket also has very good bar code scanner and if I could not see the price, I just take goods and scan it. Other one supermarket is much harder. First of all, it is huge and there is only one bar scanner for whole supermarket what it is complitely awful. Imagine that you need obtain 40 positions of different milk’s brand. Five prices are available and others are not. Imagine go back and force with different bottles of milk (gallon, half gallon) for obtaining other 35 prices trough whole supermarket. Even if you use the cart, you can imagine how this action looks like. Secondary, this supermarket has one shift where employees offer me their help every 10-15 minutes. Thanks God that other shift is much better. I had been doing it for half year and they have already knew me. Sometimes they even can help with price, or say where that brand is located, or give me chair for seating a little. They know that I am collecting prices. I was asked once for whom I worked for and I stated that I worked for company which obtain prices in all prestige supermarkets for app which every single customer could use around USA . Probably they were flattered being a prestige supermarket and after that they did not bother me a lot. Finally, this supermarket does not have a customer restroom. At the day, when I am going to collect prices, I always have only a small breakfast and take one bottle of half litre of sparkling water with me, but I also try to drink as less as possible. I hate it but I do this job because it is good fee. My feet usually are dead after doing two supermarkets at one day, but you can share it for multi type visits. However, even it is hard, but it is still possible and could be your guaranteed income without doing a report. Up to you. What I can suggest you, always take a warm jacket with you for this type of assignments, because even if it is extremely hot outside, inside the temperature could be lover. Especially, when you need to collect prices in frozen sections such as seafood, meat, dairy, beer. Good luck! If any questions, feel free to ask.

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It sounds somewhat like what I've done (and will do again in a few days). But I had no written notes. All of the information I had to gather was put on an app on my phone.
If I was the manager of the store you were scanning, I would call the police and have you removed for collecting prices for my competitor. Walmart will have you trespassed and then you can't do any work in that store for anyone.
I recently completed a price audit at a sporting goods store. For me, it was the WORST job I have ever completed. I only had 21 items to find. The project estimated time was 40 minutes. I was in there for over an hour and a half. It just wasn't for me. Part of the issue was that I never found a sku that matched exactly. If the item description said "Women's brandX 2.0 dry fit crew neck, the best I could do was scan it". I assume if there was a rack of 100 of said item in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes, there would presumable be a SKU for a specific color and size that would match up exactly....but I never found one. Also, for me, I did not feel that there was any way to be totally covert. Several of the items were on the main displays and in the shoe section, which is heavily manned. Perhaps a grocery store would be better for me since I am much more familiar with the items and the lay out. Good luck.
@spicy1 wrote:

If I was the manager of the store you were scanning, I would call the police and have you removed for collecting prices for my competitor. Walmart will have you trespassed and then you can't do any work in that store for anyone.

The BARE jobs tell you exactly what to tell them. I have done lots of price audits and have never been asked. I have been looked at a couple times, but never asked. All they need to know is I am a frugal comparison shopper...
I have never been asked. In fact, most of the employees want to help me find things. I just won't do the stores that need hundreds of items found.
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