Marketforce website/app down?

I cannot log into marketforce on either the website or app and have not been able to for the last 20 minutes. Is anyone else having any issues?

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I just submitted a report about 15-20 minutes ago. No issue. Their site is becoming untenable. So slow, and often can't log in. Sorry it's happening to you now.
I was in the middle of submitting a report about 20 minutes ago and when I went to the next page it never loaded. Now I am also unable to log in.
I came to the forums today to see if anyone else was having trouble - I can get to the log-in page and that's it. Have been trying for the last hour or so. It's currently 1:40pm in Alaska, 5:40pm on the east coast.
I just was able to get back in again now to. It was approximately a 45-minute down time for me. And this is crunch time. I'm on a route of 8 shops today.
I also have been trying to log in for the last half hour and it keeps saying processing. I have no other internet issues today
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