How long does t take for MF to do reports

I did four mystery shops for MF this past weeked and one of them was a make an offer shop. I made a offer and it was taken.

as of tue morning only one has been approved. I am kinda wonering why the others are still in QC? I guess they are back loged or the system is acting crazy again.

As long as I get paid I am good winking smiley

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There may be a lot of people on vacation. I've noticed that they are taking a lot longer to approve shops the last couple of months. A couple of my shops have taken several days.
Its that time of year..

For example does Susan check all the pizzas shops and Joe checks all the cell phone shops? Or do they have many different people
Does it matter as long as they pay you and approve your report?

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 31 year old male and willing to travel!
I haven't worked for MF in over a year, but then again I haven't worked for anyone else in over a year either. Had to take forced medical retirement. Starting to get better now just have to see how much I can make with out getting disallowed from disability.
The editors may also have different departments too so your food shop might be done by Susie who handles all food shops in your region and your retail shop might be handled by Joe who handles all retail shops for six regions and needed a day off to see his daughters recital. I'm making all that up, but even if you submit two shops at the same time, they may float on off to different editors and have different time frames, etc. for the editing process.

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