Sinclair, no secure connection?

The Sinclair Customer Metrics website is not showing a secure connection.

What to do if theres a report to fill? I mean, is there a way around it? Not secure connection is no good.

Thanks for help.

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I have been having problems with them too. I have emailed about it, my computer won't connect to them because of it and I can't get in so have missed some shops because I couldn't do the reports. I have not received any response but please email so they know it is not just me. I have two shops that I couldn't log in so I couldn't do them and that has probably brought my rating way down.
I haven't had any problem at all today. I was able to enter in a report this afternoon. You may want to try the slimjet browser some people have mentioned.

Actually this week their website has been fairly stable.
Just click the Advanced link and access the site. Your browser isn't recognizing their security certificate, you know it is the correct site, thus the Advanced option is fine

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Thank you for the responses, I have emailed them too. I can log in, but I was worried about going through insecure connection.
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