Intellishop overpayment email

Did anyone else get an email saying they were overpaid? I double checked my shops after I received the email and I was not overpaid. It's either a scam or they are confused.

if you are receiving this email, it means that you were inadvertently paid twice for the same shop, once on June 23 and again on July 20.
We are kindly asking that you send back the amount that you were overpaid, $50.
Please log in to PayPal and send that amount to We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter."

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I received an email about a year ago that I was overpaid. I looked at my paypal, realized I was overpaid and read the company's instructions on how to send the payment back. I sent the money back quickly. If you find the payment is in error, it's best to send it back ASAP. Delaying or ignoring (assuming you owe) can get the scheduler notifying other MSC's that you never paid it back.
Boy will Sandman be surprised when they find you don't get paid the next payment until you return the money.
I finally figured out that I was paid for the same shops twice and not for another shop that was the exact same amount as the overpayment for 2 shops. Confusing. That said, he made the correction almost immediately once I did not refund. It was a bookkeeping thing for them.
I actually did exactly what I said. I don't shop with them too often, and I was expecting some money from Observa, Gigwalk, and Field Agent (before they went to DD)
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