Has anyone dealt with this company? Do they have 'good' assignments? Do they pay reasonably? On time? Thanks for your input!

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Hi there, I've done a couple of interesting electronics shops for them in the past few weeks. Easy online reporting and so far so good with respect to them accepting my reports without asking for clarification and such.

As for payment, there are others here who will have much more experience with that, but for me: one shop was done on the 31st of July and shows a scheduled payment date of Aug 27th. The other, done on Aug 5th shows a payment date of Sep 24th.
I like working for them. The shops are almost always the same thing, but VERY easy. They have always paid when scheduled.
I'm another fan.

I started working with them recently, in the past few months. The shops are very easy, the pay is reasonable, the reports are a breeze. The shopper is able to see when a shop will be paid. So far, I've been paid on time without any hassles. I have 5 more of these assignments scheduled for the weekend smiling smiley

In the shops I've done, nothing has gone wrong and I've not needed to contact them for any reason. I have no idea how they respond to issues since I've not faced any yet.
I have completed over 75 jobs for them,and they always pay on time.Great company !
When I first started working for them, I had a couple of problems with one of my reports they were very resonable.I just wish they had more work in my area.
Thanks for the info. I recently signed up with this company. I like the rest of U, do not want hassle when it comes to pay. This forum lets U know the good and the bad of some of theses MS shops.
hi ckonrad. Yes, they do have shops in Canada. At least out here in BC they do. I just completed a couple of electronics shops for them.
I must have went to the wrong part of the site to sign up. The application I started filling out seemed more like a regular employment app with a place to submit your resume and all. I didn't complete it as I didn't think I was on the right page. Anyone who could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate.
Go to the homepage and at the top click on the tab that says COMPANY. that will bring down a drop down box and at that click CAREERS. That will bring you to a page that shows the different "positions" available. To do the MS'in choose the link fo Market Intelligence.
Have they paid you directly into your bank account? I'm a little uncomfortable giving out that info.
They are a very good company to work for, I had a payment issue and Matt Heck took care of it right away. No delay in payments.
I'm a little hesitant to sign up with this company. Not sure what I'd be signing up for... Is mVentix a "regular" mystery shopping company? What kind of shops do they have? And most importantly (for me), Do they have shops in Oklahoma?

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.
I guess I would call them a regular mystery shopping company, yes.

In my area, they electronics store shops.

I am not in Oklahoma, so the only way to find that out would be to sign up and search.
One thing they do is pay really well. I find their shops to pay well above average compared to the same type of shops at other MS providers.
I have been with them since 2006, they are great!
I am looking for a company with similar assignment, can you recommend any?
Always had good assignments with this company, and when I had a pay issue they took care of it right away.

Good company to work for.
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