I just got an email from CSE for a phone shop...must be silver or Gold Certified....thought that odd for a phone shop, since the othe jobs they have don't require this.

Live consciously....

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If it involves a college, it has long narratives, could involve multiple calls to get the thing to happen the way they want, and after doing one when they first got the shop, I rate it with IKEA. If it is the college.

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I wrote CSE asking why I no longer get their four mall shops, and finally got an answer....they are only using a 9 rated shopper. I stated I got an 8 on my last job for them 2 years ago. I'm really upset and asked to be de-activated mostly to stop those annoying emails for airport jobs, and wasting my time applying every month if (now I know) I won't get the job. I at least know why.

Live consciously....
I must post this good news. I received an answer to my above email that stated, the scheduler talked to the project manager and he said, to give me the job, was sorry about this and I'm again in their good graces. Bottom line, speak up, but do it nicely and explain your point of view. I told them the last job had been two years ago, and that 8 rating stayed with me and disallowed me to continue working for them, but, I'm a better shopper now, and feel I should be given a second chance, or I'm wasting my time applying every month. I was listened to, and glad CSE listened to me.

Live consciously....
That's great news. Glad you updated!

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That IS great, Irene! Just make sure the narrative covers every section. This company really wants a summary of the whole visit, from entry to exit, even for the "yes" answers. I think that's where it's easy to trip up with CSE.
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