Albatross tests...

They have many jobs I want to do but since I haven't worked for them in awhile, I now need to take a test for every job. There is no help to prepare that I can find. Who else has taken these tests and passed first time.
Their system is different than any other test.

Live consciously....

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Usually Albatross will send you the guidelines once you're approved for a shop, and once the shop is in your log, THEN you can take the test, with the help of the guidelines you would have been sent. I work a lot for Albatross, and never took a test before being assigned the shop. Hope that helps!
Thanks I just finished report...I was assigned through KSS and somehow they didn't notify Albatross until now
but its resolved....after 2 hours.

Live consciously....
I have a job I assigned and it is on my site, but not officially assigned to me. I want to do it today, but get no answer from them. They need to inform you you've been assigned is what I'm guessing, it's been sitting there for days. I won't be able to do it next week due to other work.....oy

Live consciously....
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