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Hi all, Found this one in a search. Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about them. They specialize in hotels and spas. They are not listed here on the list of MSCs. Always like to hear your experienced input! Thanks!!

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I checked them out, and although I have never heard of them, I have a good feeling, and actually registered and took the test. No jobs in my area at this time.

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Irene, you seem to have good instincts, so if you took the plunge I think I will give them a try too! Thanks!!
I've just completed four high-end clothing shops for them in Canada. There's no fee, but they send you a $100 gift certificate before you do each shop. Very easy shop and report.
Can you post a website link for them?

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They come up as the first link when googling.

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dee shops Wrote:
> They come up as the first link when googling.

Thanks Dee...found the link, found that I was already signed up with them...guess they don't have shops near the big D.

My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.
Benjamin Disraeli
I just did the $100 clothing shop for them. I don't have one word of complaint. Easy shop, easy report....awesome clothes that I wouldn't have purchased on my own dime.
Doing my first job with them today, hopefully the beginning of a nice relationship. Got a nice email thanking me for taking the job (I like when that happens).

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I did an apartment shop for these guys earlier this year. They paid reasonably quick the next month, but don't be surprised when they deduct the paypal fee from your payment
Job went well, received a thank you for doing excellent job. Scheduler said she was new as well, and was sweet as can be. Hopefully, there will be more jobs.

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I am a new shopper for Shoppers Confidential, but I have been mystery shopping since 2009. I found that this Shoppers Confidential did not check their email, nor try to delete a job that is not done. I could not do my shop and I tried emailing them, but to no avail. The shop is a week overdue and I sent them an email stating I could not finish it. The shop is still on my page. I wish Shoppers Confidential would be more diligent in this because I feel bad that I had to drop a shop;-(
I find myself wanting to ask why did you drop it?

If you dropped a shop without a compelling reason they will likely drop you, so why are you concerned with whether they answer you or remove it from your list? If you think you're going to keep working for them, do the shop.

If you're not going to keep working for them, deactivate your account and move on.

I don't know what else to suggest.

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Any current shoppers?????? Between the original post and the last post is 2.5 years.

Any current shoppers??confused smileyconfused smiley I would like to see if they are still responsive as they were in the beginning.

IAS or ILA or DS do you still shop for them? Courious b/c they do have new shops in my areas, but I have never shopped for them. TY
I did a shop for them about 5 or 6 months ago. I had some email communication with them before the shop due to unclear guidelines. Not only did they respond quickly, but they updated the guidelines immediately to be clearer. I would work for them again if there was work in my area. They are mostly in Canada, though.
Hello all!

I've been reading through all these comments, and IM HERE! Ha!

I'm the executive assistant and one of my roles is to make sure people are being emailed in a timely fashion, and their concerns and questions are answered!

I'm new with this company and it is a small company, so some of the difficulties lay in the lack of staff.

My email is and my phone number is 226-600-8411.

I'm trying my hardest to get to know the mystery shoppers we work with, I hope I can get the word out!

Also I post on our Facebook page: [] and Twitter: @SCIMysteryShop

Starting up some new cool contests and campaign for new jobs! Follow and keep up winking smiley

Well, I hope this helps!


Happy shopping!

1.866.959.0516 ext. 102
FB us: Shoppers Confidential
Tweet us: SCIMysteryshop
Instagram: shoppers_confidential
I really like this company a lot because they are local and I have had a pleasant experience since I started shopping. I liked the company so much that I told family members and a good friend to sign up with them.

I have noticed though with one particular shop that they are not telling shoppers what the rotation period is. My friend did one of the bill payment shops and when she went to apply for more, it kept saying "You are not eligible". It said this for both of us for many months despite picking different locations. It took over a month to get an answer from this MSC about the matter which had to be initiated via email more than once.

I was pretty disappointed about that and hope that Ruby or anyone else from the MSC takes my feedback seriously enough to improve. I understand that it is a small company but had the guidelines said "Shopper can only do ___ of these shops every __ months" it would save everyone some time. This company would be absolutely outstanding in my books otherwise. smiling smiley

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Any there any current shoppers? And for SHOPPERS CONFIDENTIAL,INC., to reply five years later does that mean this is a current company? Although it made the updated List, the last post or concern was five years in the past. Maybe someone should update these types of posts------->two years with the last reply, and five years since the original post and five years before the Company response. Sounds like a post that should have been "archived, no longer open please start a new post".winking smiley
I have completed shops for them within the last few months. No issues, good company.

Shopping South East to Northern Ontario.....
I've completed a shop for them recently. Only one, near me and now that business closed down. sad smiley
All your fault. Obvi.

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