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I was scheduled for a take-out pizza shop with Intellishop - I reviewed everything the night prior, then completed the shop the next day. Apparently the shop was cancelled at 8 am that morning, via email. I was long gone by that time and completed the shop. Do I have any recourse at this point in time? I've completed many shops with them and this has never happened to me before.

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If you have a good history with them, I'd contact my scheduler and discuss what options you have. Explain that you were already in the process of completing the shop when the email was received. Make sure you keep all required receipts etc as proof you completed the shop. You may need to forward those to company. I had same situation, different MSC, ready to go and as I was closing out my computer, email pops up...its cancelled. I was lucky because it would have been 75 mi trip. I hope it works out in your favor.
I also have had this happen...back in my early days of MSing before I had a smart phone with email on the go. I received emails the morning of...saying they had reached their "quota" for that client. Luckily when that happened, I knew before I went out. Certainly that would stink to have this happen to you. I wish you the best. Let us know what happens.

I have a habit of checking the assignment just before starting a shop. This way if it isn't there I will not perform it.

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That happened to me, i did a bank job before iI took the MSC's test and couldn't fill in report. Called and the nice lady gave me the test verbally over the phone, passed and wrote report. Nice when they work with you.

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Just contact them and let them know about the situation. YMMV, but for other companies, they either just paid me for performing the shop without submitting a report, or allowed me to report and get paid as agreed.

IntelliShop in particular, I've had good experiences with them honoring pay or bonus, even months after the shops were performed.

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