CORI 888# Not Working, Now what?

I have several (4) phone shops left to do and CORIs 888 number is down. When I dial, it is silent for 1.5 to 2 mins and then I get a rapid busy signal. I was able to do one just fine earlier. The store is only going to be open probably two hours. Plus I have another shop to do and two to input. Has this ever happened to anyone else and what can I do? Are they going to drop my stars if I cannot get these calls done tonight because of a problem with their system? I have been dialing and dialing for almost an hour now....I cannot sit here and dial all night. I really need to do my other shop before that place closes.

Forgive my grammar and spelling on the boards. I am off duty.

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Be proactive. Contact them and tell them what is happening. Tell them that you have tried the number over a space of time but are getting nowhere. Tell them that you will try again later in hopes that the number will have cleared up but that they needed to know there is an issue.
Well I let them know what was going on and they were very nice and understanding about it. They took responsibility for the phone line not working right. They restored my star rating back to 5. I am kind of upset that another shopper got all of my shops though. Oh well.

Forgive my grammar and spelling on the boards. I am off duty.
Sorry about the lost shops. Guess they didn't respond back to you fast enough to keep their itchy system from throwing them back up on the board. Glad to hear that your star rating is restored as in the long run that is probably more valuable.
Yeah, I was worried more about my stars than the shops lol. The girl that helps me out when I contact CORI is always the same one and she is really sweet. I like her alot.

Forgive my grammar and spelling on the boards. I am off duty.
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