Market Force bait and switch

MF offered cell phone shops at $28 shop fee. Too good to be true??? I guess it is! I accepted one last week and was just informed that they are unable to pay what they contractually offered me. It has been changed to $10. I think not. I just canceled. Did this happen to anyone else?

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That just sucks. If we sign an agreement as an IP we are expected to perform our part of the bargain and the MSC should live up to what was agreed upon in the IC. Cannot believe they think it is OK to change the fee after the initial agreement. Poor practice.
I had the same thing happen to me today, it sounds like the exact same shop. It went from $28 to $10. I didn't cancel yet but plan on it. They should honor what they agreed to, I have to.
That's the first time I heard of a situation like that. Is this a norm across mystery shopping?

That happened to me, not recently, but it has happened. Not recently because I have been cutting back on their shops. I cancelled all of the ones when they have done that. The company is acting like it is hard up and who knows, maybe it is. I have cut back to just a few of my favorite QSRs. The rich may get richer but not off of my back! They want me to go out at night and into the busy street of corner gas stations to take pictures, making sure cars are out of the way for $11. I don't think so! I can't even sue them or the Client if I get hit or mugged.
I did a quick cell phone shop for $28 yesterday. Is this the same for you that was cancelled? I see two listed in my area: same address and and only one date to choose from both 10/28. What's up with that? They really are scheduling two shops on the same day, same place? They are for $20.
This has happened in the past. They will list a new round but forget to reset the fees from when the previous round was being bonused. Their legalise covers this, just like every other MSC.

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They were, in fact, recently paying $18 for a cell shop though. They did not forget to reset it. They probably just met their quota and set the remaining ones with a bonus back, assigned or not.
I did several wireless shops for $50 this month. I would be absolutely pissed if they reneged on an assigned fee.
@thunderdeacon wrote:

I did several wireless shops for $50 this month. I would be absolutely pissed if they reneged on an assigned fee.

If you kept the original e-mail when you accepted the shop showing the higher pay, they should honor that pay.

I had it happen, but when I e-mailed them the e-mail with the agreed upon amount, they corrected their "short pay".
Wonder if they will let us ask for more money after we accept the shop? I always copy the CPI which has the price that we agreed to on it.

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I stopped shopping for MF many years ago, but I also copy the information to prove pay in most shops I do. I also take a screen shot.

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Always screenshot your CPI. They made an offer, and you accepted it. Neither you nor they are allowed to violate that agreement.
Seems like a 'bait and switch' so did not start a new thread: Strange situation, and a first for me: last night got a call from an overseas person, his voice was not one I recognized, and he was insistent and generous. The email came through as half the amount offered. I waited, because sometimes it gets adjusted/approved. One phone call and 12 hours later, no change.

I really never cancel (I do like the reschedule option) but I filled out the form this morning with the reason.

I saved the number in contacts so I know it's an overseas scheduler. I think I'm finished accepting those calls, they have not been worth my time lately, especially when I answer the phone and the fee being offered is less than the web site, or Samantha's offer.

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RobinMarie, I experienced this same situation. I emailed Help Desk and explained the situation about the discrepancy in the agreed upon fee. They changed the fee for me.
Thanks Gone! I wish that had worked out for me. Glad it did for you!

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